On 13-14 April a specialized training on opportunities of legal migration was held at the Rustavi Public Service Hall for those willing to go abroad.

The seminar for a selected group of potential migrants was held by the NGO Migration Centre on the initiative of the Secretariat of the State Commission on Migration Issues and with the support of the Public Service Development Agency. 

The seminar participants were provided with information on the following topics: the basic list of countries of destination for migrants, restrictions for foreigners on the labour markets of these countries, immigration restrictions, bureaucratic barriers set for foreigners in certain countries, legal migration, familiarization of those willing to receive education abroad with legal migration/documentation required, illegal migration/trafficking, labour migration and training programmes.

In addition, issues discussed at the training covered deportation, problems related to accommodation, trade in humans, problems related to the relations with Georgia’s diplomatic representations, diasporas and physical persons, barriers arising while seeking employment, complex nature of communication with foreigners and not speaking the language, overcoming nostalgic and psychological sentiments, issues of return to Georgia and other matters.

guidebook on legal emigration

Guidebook on legal immigration