EMN Georgia and EMN Estonia Joint Conference - ‘Advancing Data-Driven Decision-Making in Migration Management’

In recent decades, international migration flows have not only been increasing in numbers, but become more complex, creating new challenges for migration management around the world. Consequently, new technological solutions and approaches have been developed and adapted to allow countries to better deal with the permanently changing realities of migration. Automated systems allow to take into account vast amount of data, perform numerous computations and assist authorities in decision-making processes. Some systems may impact decision-making directly or indirectly, allowing forecasting models profiling, risk assessment as well as semi- or fully automated decision-making.

The conference organized by EMN Georgia and EMN Estonia concentrated on the ways in which data can be used to enrich decision-making processes in migration management and how to facilitate the development of a data-driven decision-making culture in the field.

The Conference was held on 20 September 2022, in Tbilisi, Georgia as a hybrid event and gathered more than 100 participants from EMN member and observer countries. During the conference speakers and participants discussed both Online Transactional (OLTP) and Online Analytical (OLAP) Processing systems and what kind of opportunities or challenges transitioning from transactional to analytical systems brings. The thematic sessions of the conference were followed by side event dedicated to the promotion of innovations and modern technologies in the Public Sector.

The conference was the first joint initiative of EMN Georgia (Public Service Development Agency of the Ministry of Justice) and EMN Estonia (Estonian Academy of Security Sciences) organized in close cooperation with the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA).

The European Migration Network (EMN) is a Europe-wide network providing information on migration and asylum. The EMN consists of National Contact Points (NCPs) in the EMN Member (EU Member States except Denmark) and Observer Countries (NO, GE, MD, UA, ME, AM, RS), the European Commission and the EMN Service Provider (ICF).

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