The MTM Dialogue (Mediterranean Transit Migration Dialogue)

The MTM Dialogue is an informal consultative platform between migration officials in countries of origin, transit, and destination along the migration routes in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. It operates at the technical level and its informal and nonbinding character enables an open exchange of perspectives that contributes to the opinion-forming of officials.

Initially focusing on transit migration, it has extended its scope to cover a broad range of migration issues, including 'migration and development' and 'mixed migration'. Since 2015, the Dialogue also encompasses the local level, applying the concept of dialogue and information exchange to a network of five Northern and five Southern Mediterranean cities.The MTM Dialogue follows the main global, African and European policy guidelines and fully respects the international legal framework pertinent to migration issues. Synergies and cross-fertilisation are ensured with other relevant initiatives.

The driving force of the dialogue has always been to address not only current issues, but to adopt an innovative approach and anticipate future challenges. It reflects the diversity of migration actors and builds on their respective expertise. The Dialogue addresses issues in a sustainable fashion and ensures a regular and long-term transfer of results and methodologies to all participating states, maximising the benefits of inter-agency cooperation.

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