Consular registration of Georgian citizens

Consular Registration means keeping the record of Georgian citizens temporarily or permanently staying abroad; this task is carried out by Georgia’s diplomatic missions or consular offices abroad and the Public Service development agency.

Note: to protect his/her own interests, it is recommended that a citizen of Georgia residing abroad get registered with the consular office. if a Georgian citizen stays abroad for more than 6 months, he/she shall, within the maximum of 10 days after the 6-month term expires, get consular registration at Georgia’s diplomatic mission or consular office, or undertake this procedure through distance services of the Public Service development agency.

A request for consular registration can be made by a citizen of Georgia above 14 years, a legal representative of a citizen of Georgia under age 14 as well as a guardian or caretaker of a citizen of Georgia.

Georgian citizen can get consular registration without leaving home, from anywhere in the world. To this end, a person shall fill in a corresponding electronic application on the website of the Public Service development agency’s distance services: to verify the application, a person shall make a video call to an operator. the Skype account of the service is

It is possible to get registered with Georgia’s Consular service online, on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Detailed video instructions on how to get consular registration via distance services is provided on the PSDA website:

A person having consular registrpaation will receive a consular registration card which is valid only together with a passport of the citizen of Georgia.

For additional information regarding consular registration you may reach the ministry of Foreign affairs at the phone: +995 322 945 050 or e-mail: information is also available on the websites:;;

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