Passport of citizen of Georgia


To travel abroad legally, a citizen of Georgia should have a valid passport of the citizen of Georgia.

Passport of citizen of Georgia is a document certifying the identity and citizenship of a Georgian citizen both inside and outside Georgia. Passport is a property of Georgia nd is issued to citizens of Georgia of any age, thus enabling them to leave Georgia, travel abroad, and enter Georgia.

When leaving Georgia and crossing the border, citizens of Georgia have to go through the passport control, at which point the date when the border was crossed is stamped into the passport or equivalent document.

Note: The owner of the passport is responsible for keeping it safe and using for the purpose it is intended.

Biometric passport, which is a highest technology and counterfeit-protected travel document, has been issued in Georgia since 2010. The use of biometric passport aims at ensuring complete identification of a person and excluding the facts of forgery of official document. Compared to an ordinary passport, a biometric passport additionally has an electronic microchip containing personal data, an electronic photo and fingerprints of a holder. From autumn 2016, Georgia has been issuing the III generation biometric passport equipped with even stronger security features then II generation passports issued since 2010. Shifting to biometrics has significantly enhanced the level of reliability of the documents issued in Georgia.

In order to obtain a biometric passport of a citizen of Georgia one shall apply to any territorial office of the Public Service Development Agency, Branch of the Public Service Hall or a Community Centre.

Issuing a passport

For obtaining a passport, Georgian citizens are required to submit different documents depending on the age:

Person of full legal age (including person between 16 and 18 years in registered marriage)
  • ID card
  • A marriage certificate, if a person between 16 and 18 years is in the registered marriage
  • One colour biometric photo
Person between 16 and 18 years (except for the person in registered marriage)
  • Birth certificate
  • ID card
  • Consent of one of the one parent on the acquisition of passport
  • One colour biometric photo
Minor under age 16 (parent or other legal representative)
  • Birth certificate
  • ID card (from the age of 14)
  • Consent of both parents on the acquisition of passport
  • ID cards of both parents
  • One colour biometric photo

A passport of a citizen of Georgia is issued for 10 years to an adult person and for 3 years to a minor.

Note: Authorized entities of Georgia may accept a consent or other document having a representative authority (power of attorney) certified by a notary or other competent entity of a foreign state, concerning the acquisition of a passport without legalization or authentication of these documents by apostil.

the Public Service Development Agency issues a passport of citizen of Georgia at the 10th working day from filing an application. the Agency provides accelerated services as well. Upon paying a relevant service fee, passport can be issued within the range of 1 to 10 days. Information about accelerated service fees are provided on the website:;

Additional information on the procedures of issuing a passport of the citizen of Georgia is available on the websites:;;

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