State Commission on Migration Issues

Georgia and EU

Directions: Georgia and EU

Up until 2016 the legal basis for the relations between the European Union and Georgia was the ‘Partnership and Cooperation Agreement’ which was signed in...Details...


Directions: Emigration

Leaving for a foreign country to stay for a short period or forever for political, economic or private reasons...Details...

Voluntary Return

Directions: Voluntary Return

Return to Country of Origin and involvement into social and economic life.Details...


Directions: Reintegration

Return to the country of origin and re-engagement in the social and economic life.Details...


Directions: Immigration

Permanent or temporary settlement of a citizen on the territory of a foreign country.Details...

Refugees and Asylum

Directions: Refugees and Asylum

Foreigners who need international protection due to the risk posed to their lives in the country of origin. Details...

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  • Commission

    The State Commission on Migration Issues (SCMI/Commission) was set up on 13 October 2010 on the basis of the Government's Ordinance No. 314. The Commission is the Government's consultative body to discuss and take decisions on various important issues related to migration management. The Commission comprising 9* government entities is chaired by the Ministry of Justice and co-chaired by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


  • Secretariat

    The Commission's analytical and administrative support is provided through the Secretariat created and supported by European Union.

  • Working Groups

    Inside the Commission thematic groups have been set up to work on different priority issues.